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Who We Are

A little background of HOGA for those of you who are not aware.  We were started in the depths of COVID as a small group of guys who wished to get out and compete on the golf course.  The networking grew quickly from there.  Our first “Game” we hosted had about 20 guys.  From that moment on The Game caught fire.  We average now over 40 guys per month for a game with turn out from both service providers and operators.  Our group consists of all walks of the industry from pipe distributors, procurement professionals, drilling engineers, to chemical salesmen, no group is left out.  Over 200 industry professionals are now on our monthly distribution with many more added on a weekly basis.

After 2020 we decided to have an “official” status and create a board of directors.  This group consist of volunteers who help coordinate locations and events.  Our hope is to grow “The Tournament” to be able to support organizations tied closely to the hearts of the members of HOGA. Thankfully our initial recipient was willing to support us as we support them and will be returning again in 2022.  

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